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Journey Kids is where the power of a real relationship with God starts. God uses Journey Kids to develop faith in children that will never leave them in times of trouble, a faith that will never fail them through life’s trials and will lead them on a constant journey of growth, knowledge, blessings, and victory.

It is about His kids grasping the truth of the Gospel and living out that truth into adulthood, all the while transforming the body of Christ and every environment just by living out their faith in Him! This is a place where God is made real, where Jesus is known and understood, and where they will develop a relationship with Him that involves their spirit, soul, and body as they walk out what they learn.

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What to expect

  • You will check your child aged 3 -11 in at the Kid's Check-In desk in the main lobby, where you and your child will get name tags. These name tags are used for picking up your child after the service.

  • You will be shown the classroom upon check-in by one of our team members.​

  • We ask that you please take your child to the restroom before dropping them off.

  • After the service, please pick your child up from the classroom. Be sure to bring your name tag. We cannot release your child without seeing your name tag for security reasons.

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