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A Child Dedication service is an opportunity for parents to publicly declare their intent to raise their child in a way that honors God and also gives the child the opportunity to eventually have a personal relationship with Jesus. In many ways, a "child dedication" service is truly a "parent dedication" service, as parents publicly declare to raise their child in the faith until the child is old enough to confess to Christ. It's also a time for family, friends, and the church body here at Journey to say we will partner with you, as best we can, to see that this takes place.


Each parent will be asked to make the following commitment: “Will you set an example of Godliness for your child? Will you faithfully teach him/her the Word of God, pray diligently, discipline consistently, counsel wisely by your example as well as your instruction, and will you treasure your child as a gift from God?”


If your heart agrees with the purpose and motive of a Child Dedication, we invite you to participate. We consider this a sincere promise to God that flows out of your commitment to Jesus Christ.


To take the next step and schedule a time to have your child dedicated, please follow the link below.

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Child Dedication

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