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See, I have given you this land. - Deuteronomy 1:8 

What's the All IN Campaign?


The All IN campaign is an ambitious multi-phase capital campaign. The goal of this campaign is to purchase and develop our current home the Living Waters property located at 202 Hartman Bridge Road Ronks, Pa 17572. In phase ONE we will raise $1,500,000 for the purchase of the 6-acre property that also includes an existing 13,000 sq ft building. In phase TWO we will raise additional funds to begin construction on an 18,000 sq ft addition as well as a complete remodel of the existing building. The addition and remodel will accommodate our rapidly growing church, provide adequate space for our kids, student, and adult ministries to thrive, and provide life-transforming programs and resources for the community of Lancaster (and beyond).

Dream with us, believe with us, partner with us.

Our Campus Vision

  • An intentionally designed space that maximizes a sense of welcome, belonging, and hope to all who walk through its doors.

  • A state-of-the-art auditorium that seats between 500-700 people and is designed to maximize the worship experience every Sunday.

  • A large fellowship hall where special events can be held, and that can double as overflow space for our growing kids & student ministries.

  • An abundance of spacious classrooms to accommodate our growing kids, students, and small groups.

  • Adequate "safe spaces" and facilities to care for families with special needs.

  • A full-service kitchen that will be the heart of our new home.

  • Dedicated communal spaces, including a fully operational café with seating.

  • Dedicated studio spaces for creatives at Journey.

  • Dedicated prayer rooms for members to connect with God.

  • A large parking lot to support the increase in overall church attendance.

  • Ample office space to accommodate the staff and volunteers.

Partner With Us


Realizing this ambitious vision will involve courageous faith and sacrificial giving on the part of everyone who calls Journey Church their spiritual home. It is going to take every one of our partners going "All IN" with their time, talent, and treasure if we are going to see this dream come to reality. We know that in cooperation with our amazing God, this will be possible! We hope you will dream, believe, and partner with us today.



Above what we normally give so we can go beyond where we normally go.

Capital Campaign Pledge Card. Back Side
Capital Campaign Pledge Card.jpg

We are currently in PHASE ONE of this campaign.  May 2, 2021 - May 2, 2022

What is a kick-start gift? A financial gift given to start your pledge. This gift should be added to your pledge total.


What is an “All IN” commitment? This is the total amount you are committing to give during the span of PHASE ONE of the campaign, not including your kick-start gift.


What is a total pledge? The total pledge is the sum of both your kick-start gift and your "All In" commitment. This is the total amount you intend to give to PHASE ONE of the campaign.


How should I give to this campaign? If using Text -To-Give please include the keywords ALL IN with the amount or you give by clicking on the donate link below.    

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