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Our History

Journey Church was founded by Pastors Alex and Tammy Rivera in the spring of 2005 with just a handful of people. From the very beginning, the mission was to build a life-giving church where ordinary people could begin their journey to God. Since our inception Journey has blossomed into a diverse community of Christ-followers. By God’s grace, we have been able to break racial and generational barriers.   Watch our Video Story.

Our Association

Journey Church is a proud member of the Destiny Church & Minister's Network. We are an inter-denominational, multiracial Christian organization focused on leveraging resources toward common purposes in the Kingdom of God. We coach and train Christian leaders helping them to develop higher levels of effectiveness and excellence in their personal, spiritual, and professional lives, as well as provide opportunities for cooperative ministry activities. Our organization is composed of Christian leaders from virtually every stream of Christian faith and endeavor.



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